Toymods Historic Vehicle Registration

Guidelines How to Apply How to Renew Modified Historics

The Toymods Car Club is a NSW RMS Approved club for the Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme (HVRS). You must be a financial member of the Toymods Car Club Inc to have your vehicle considered for Historic Registration.

YES ! – Toymods is an approved Club participating in the 60 Day Log book Trial that commenced on October 1st 2015.
RMS – Website for Trial Details

YES – Toymods has applied to be part of the pending Modified Historic Rego scheme.

# Your registration is conditional with being a financial member of the Toymods Car Club. If your Toymods membership expires your Vehicle registration is considered void by the RMS. Anyone driving your vehicle while your membership has lapsed can be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle and your insurance is also void.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are eligible for the HVRS with Toymods ?

To be eligible, vehicles must be 30 years of age or older.

Vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with NO alterations except for safety features such as seat belts and turn indicators or period accessories and options, if desired.

Eligible vehicles must be garaged in NSW.

When can I drive my Historic Registered Vehicle?

Historic registered vehicles on the “Old System” can be driven to any official Toymods Car Club meeting, cruise or event. Vehicles may attend any event by other registered car clubs or associations, to which an official written invitation has been received by the Toymods Car Club Inc.

Historic registered vehicles may also be taken for periodic maintenance and/or service runs. These include runs required for vehicle inspection and repair as well as just to keep the vehicle in sound working order.

With prior approval, Historic Registered vehicles may also be used for weddings and formal occasions.

Vehicles on the “60 Day log book trial” can be driven for personal use on 60 days of the year. As per the Logbook text this includes your Maintenance runs. but not your attendance to club events. It is 60 days Personal use.

NOTE: The 60 Day trial is expected to undergo regular changes and updates so please do your best to stay informed of the current rules and legislation. If in doubt check the RMS website or ask your Toymods Plates Registrar. There is a LOT of misinformation circulating about this trial.

What vehicle movements need to be recorded ?

All vehicle movements need to be recorded in the vehicle Log Book or the Toymods Historic movement register.

All H plated vehicle’s attending official club events need to log the intended trip in the online Historic Vehicle Movement Form. These are electronically logged and time stamped so are great protection for you should you be pulled over or be involved in an accident.

For vehicles on the traditional H plates scheme all vehicle movements (including Maintenance trips) must be logged via the Toymods Historic Vehicle Movement Form prior to the vehicle journey.

Historic Vehicle Movement Form

While we do monitor all forms that get submitted (In real time) we rely on you to evaluate if the journey you are about to take is appropriate. If you are not sure the trip you want to take is appropriate then questions regarding the trips approval can be sent by email or via phone call/SMS. See contact details below.

Owners of vehicles on the 60 day log book trial are allowed an additional 60 Days when it is driven for personal use. They simply need to enter the Vehicle journey in the RMS supplied “Log Book”

# Your Log Book should be completed BEFORE you take the Journey.
# If you are attending a CLUB EVENT then you need to fill in the Movement form, not your log book.

Remember it is you  who is ultimately responsible for ensuring you are operating inside the RMS Guidelines for Historic Registration.

Toymods Contact Details

If you have any questions relating to the Toymods Car Club’s position on Historic Vehicle registration or wish to have your vehicle put onto the HVS or CVS scheme with the Toymods Car Club please contact the following people, via email or phone:-

Email: [email protected]

Shane Smith, Toymods Plate Registrar – 0407 525 528
Rodney Try, Toymods Vice President – 0416 181 284


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