Toymods Code of Conduct

Toymods Car Club events regularly involve driving your car on public roads and using public car parks/venues. Therefore, to ensure that our events are safe and can be enjoyed by all, and that our activities do not upset or cause concern for participants, public and police alike, we will apply a code of conduct to all our activities.

The Toymods Car Club expects that when you participate in an event you & your car will comply with our 3 R’s.

  • # Registered – Your car will be legally registered
  • # Roadworthy – Your car will not be ‘obviously’ unroadworthy
  • # Responsible – you will conduct yourself as a responsible adult

This includes complying with all state and municipal laws applicable to any road/street/venue/car park.

As organizers, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke your entry at any event if we deem you or your car to be in breach of any of our 3 R’s, or you fail to comply with directions given by a Toymods Car Club official.

No liability is accepted by the event coordinators or Toymods Car Club officials for any mishap, accident or incident during the cruise or event you are attending.

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