How to Renew Historic Registration

How do I renew my Historic Registration ?

You must be a financial member of the Toymods Car Club Inc and we expect all members with vehicles on historic or classic registration to display active club level participation. Failure to do so may result in your registration renewal request being denied.

Renewals, just like new applications must be processed in person by the vehicle owner. Toymods needs to stamp and sign your Historic Vehicle Declaration form that is required by the RMS. Understanding the requirement for Club level participation renew forms are usually stamped at the Monthly Club Social meet held on the 3rd Monday of each Month.

For us to do this we need to see:

  • Your Vehicle (or current photos of it) – to ensure it still complies
  • Your Pink Slip
  • Confirmation of your valid/current Toymods Membership (Info is on the forums in your profile)
  • A completed Toymods Application for Historic Rego form.
  • Your $10 Toymods Administration fee

All the RMS needs to see is your pink slip and the Completed Historic Vehicle Registration Form. You should also take your Toymods Membership card just in case they ask. And generally they will want to see your Drivers licence.

Reminder: When enjoying your Historic Registered Vehicle, be it privately or attending Club events, your vehicle is representing our club and linked directly to Toymods via its registration. As such we respectfully request that at all times anyone driving your vehicle must follow the Toymods Code of Conduct which can be found here: Toymods Code of Conduct


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