Historic Vehicle Guidelines


Toymods Car Club is recognized by the Roads and Maritime Services as a recognized historic vehicle club for the purposes of endorsement of the following historic vehicle registration schemes:
– Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS)
– Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial

Conditions for qualification under these schemes are detailed on the RMS website at the following addresses:

Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS):-

Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial:-

For the purposes of these guidelines, Historic Vehicle Registration shall refer to any of the above schemes unless explicitly defined otherwise. Should a discrepancy exist between the Toymods Car Club guidance and the RMS application guidelines then the RMS guidelines shall be considered authoritative.


Toymods car club participates in the RMS historic vehicle registration schemes to facilitate a cost effective means for eligible vehicles to attend official Toymods club events. To this end, it is expected that Club members with Toymods approved historic vehicles participate in Toymods Car Club activities.

For the purposes of historic vehicle registration, the Toymods Car Club provides the following guidelines for qualification and operation of historic vehicles.

1. Eligibility
a. Historic vehicles must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture.
b. Eligibility of a vehicle for historic registration is subject to the discretion of the Toymods Car Club Historic Plate Registrar. The Toymods Historic Plate Registrar reserves the right to refuse or rescind approval of historic vehicle registration.
c. Historic vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts and turn indicators as compliant with
RMS guidelines
d. Period accessories and options, if desired, may be permitted. The historic plate registrar may request verification that accessories and options are of a period nature.
e. It is a condition of registration that the applicant is a financial member of the Toymods Car Club. Expiration or cancellation of Toymods Car Club financial membership shall invalidate the historic vehicle registration.

2. Vehicle Road Worthiness
a. The Toymods Car Club historic vehicle registrar does not provide a declaration of roadworthiness for vehicles. Applicants are to provide a valid roadworthiness certificate (pink slip) for the vehicle on application and annual renewal.

3. Vehicle Use
a. Toymods Car Club values safe driving habits and expects members to operate historic vehicles in a safe and legal manner in accordance with applicable local
road laws. The Toymods Historic Plate Registrar reserves the right to rescind membership and/or historic vehicle registration if the members driving conduct is considered to be contrary to this requirement.
b. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle and its use comply with the RMS guidelines.
c. Toymods provides the following guidelines for use of historic vehicles:

i. All vehicle movements but be logged prior to commencement.

ii. Attending Events
• Historic vehicles may be used for the purposes of attending gazetted Toymods Car Club events.
• Historic vehicles can be used for attending events of other recognized clubs or community organizations provided that the event has been sanctioned by the Toymods Car Club.
• Vehicle movements in relation to official gazetted or sanctioned events must be recorded in the official Toymods Historic Vehicle Day Book (Online Vehicle Movement Form).

iii. Servicing and Inspection of Vehicle (Maintenance run)
• Historic vehicles may be used on a road or road related area for servicing within a short distance from their place of garaging or to facilitate inspection of the vehicle.
• Vehicles under the Historic Vehicle Scheme shall record servicing and inspection movements in the official Toymods Historic Vehicle Day Book (Online Vehicle Movement Form).
• Vehicles under the Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial shall record servicing and inspection movements in the vehicles official RMS issued log book.

iv. General Use (Personal Use)
• Vehicles under the Historic Vehicle Scheme are not eligible for general/personal use.
• Vehicles under the Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial shall record general use movements in the vehicles official RMS issued log book.
• Log books allow for up to 60 days of general use (ie maintenance and personal use) per registration year.
• Only one entry per day is required in the vehicles official RMS issued log book, regardless of the number of trips taken that day.

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