Historic Registration – How to Apply

How do I apply for or inquire about Historic Vehicle Registration?

To apply for Historic Vehicle registration with the Toymods Car Club, please forward an introductory email to:
[email protected] with “Attn: Rod – Historic Rego” in the Subject field.

Your email must contain the following:

  • Vehicle Details including make, model and build date
  • Photos of actual vehicle, consisting of exterior (both sides, front and rear), engine bay and interior.
  • Confirmation that the Vehicle is Garaged in NSW (Verbal or written confirmation from you is all we need. )

If your Toyota appears to be suitable for historic vehicle registration you will be advised by the Historic Plates Registrar of your preliminary approval.

Your vehicle WILL be requested to be inspected in person by the Historic Vehicle Registrar to obtain final approval.

If I get preliminary approval, what do I do next?

If your vehicle receives preliminary approval for Historic Vehicle registration you will need to co-ordinate the completion of your application, in person with one of the Historic Plates registrars. This can not be done via mail, email or by a proxy on your behalf.

With prior arrangement this is can be done at the Toymods Monthly meeting – Held on the 3rd Monday of each month.

At this time you will require:

  • Your vehicle so we can inspect it – (Unless arranged otherwise)
  • A current/valid NSW pink slip for the vehicle.
  • A completed Toymods Historic Vehicle Application Form for the Clubs records.
  • A Completed RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form (Toymods needs to Stamp and sign this for you)
  • Proof of Current membership – You must be a current financial member of the Toymods Car club. (We need to see your membership card or your Forum profile showing your paid subscription)
  • $10 Cash per vehicle – This is the annual administration fee payable to the Toymods Car club.
  • NOTE: You (In Person) must bring your Vehicle and completed paperwork for final inspection. You cannot send a friend or agent to do this on your behalf.
Note: The RMS stipulates that the Vehicle Registration must be in the same name as the Club Members.

What do I take to the RMS?

The RMS will require you to have:

  • Proof of purchase or ownership of Vehicle
  • Your current NSW Drivers License as proof of ID
  • A valid/current NSW pink slip
  • Completed and approved RMS Application for Conditional Registration Form (Note: Your Pink Slip Guy needs to fill in part of this form so take it with you when you get your pink slip)
  • Approved RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration Form (Toymods needs to Stamp and sign this for you)
  • If your vehicle has current registration plates these will need to be handed in at the time.

From the RMS you will receive:

  • a new registration label
  • A set of Historic Registration plates (Charged out as a one off fee when received)
  • Historic Vehicle registration papers
  • Certificate of Approved Operations, which must be kept in the vehicle at all times.
  • A Logbook for personal use if your on the 60 Day trial


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