Welcome to Toymods

The Toymods Mission Statement:

Toymods provides a friendly environment for Toyota owners and enthusiasts in which they can learn how to modify their car and improve their automotive skills”

Toymods is still friendly, still socially focused and still loving Toyota’s of any vintage. Come and join us at one of our events or come and say hi at our Monthly social meetings. I urge you to meet the faces of the club and not just the usernames on the forum.

You will find a very different atmosphere with the warm blooded people than you see on the forum.

The Toymods Car Club – Still way more than just a Forum in a digital age.

More events to get along to

Toymods has events that are on all through the year and most are family friendly. keen an eye on the Upcoming events page for all the upcoming fun.


Toymods Membership

Toymods membership is shifting to a new Digital process. It will be up and humming soon so hide your $30 under your matress and hold out for just that little bit longer

Toymods is home to ToyotaFest..!
The largest all Toyota Show in NSW

ToyoFest Logo_Rev

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