Zen Garage – October 2012

Zen Garage Zen Garage

Well the Zen Garage Toyota Appreciation Day turned out to be a sensational event. Their venue is perfect for gathering a few cool cars and sitting back for a BBQ and a chat. Actually I have to admit I was rather jealous of what they have set up. It really is a cool place to hang out. They really have created something unique that Sydney has needed.

Anyhoo, the Toymods crew arrived nice and early to set up and clean the old girls. And I must say they did scrub up well. Maybe it was the lighting in there but the cars did look sensational. We started out trying to squeeze 7 cars in there and ended up with 9 of them spilling out into the drive.

The Zen guys were awesome, spinning snags on the BBQ and showing us around their cool shop. I really enjoyed an opportunity to sit back, talk to people and look at some cool cars. I’m looking forward to their next event and some more cool cars. You never know I may even start to appreciate something other than Toyota……..

So a huge thanks to Rob and Justin from Zen garage for hosting such an awesome event. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did.

So enough of my dribble, how about some pics…….

Visitors were greeted with an awesome sight of cool old school Jap muscle spilling out into the sun.

Zen Garage called it a Toyota appreciation day and there was plenty of that going on.

Even Budda himself stopped by and found something to put a smile on his dial.

There was a heated battle on the simulator with some hot times put down.

And there was plenty of the Zen merchandise sold on the day.

I even scored a Zen branding for Frosty

And here is the line up of Toymods coolest gracing Zen Garage.

Dunebob’s RK101 Stout

Farkurnell’ s awesome slammed RS41

My little TA22 – AKA Frosty

PH@_MAN’s MA61 – AKA Noisy

Rivers RA25 – AKA the 88

xero’s track prepped AE86

TheToyman75’s TA23 – AKA The Colonel

DavGT4’s RA23 – AKA The purple poo!

trdee’s track prepped AW11 – The Faildub

Visit the boys at Zen Garage:

Zen Garage
7/99 Moore Street Leichhardt
NSW 2040
Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM
Saturday 12PM-4PM

Website: zengarage.com.au
Tumblr: zengarage.tumblr.com

Words by Gold28

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