Mothers Polishes Australia – Advanced Car Care Day – March 2011

Mothers Polishes Australia

Last Saturday saw some eagre Toymodders gathering for the promise of shiny pearls of wisdom from one of the car detailing industries gurus, George Syder.

So lesson 1 was a demonstration on poise and grace. George really tried to educate us on the finer points of car detailing, stressing the importance of balance, correct feet positions and the importance of smooth, even application.

After lesson one George passed polishing responsibility to our mighty leader, El Presidente Rod aka Toyman75. And didn’t he take to it with gusto. You could almost smell the concentration. What was that bit about not burning the paint?

Anyhoo, George soon realised that Toymodders are a challenging breed and came to the conclusion that the only way we would really, REALLY understand the feng-sui of car detailing is to give away some of his most precious detailing secrets.

So we watched and listened. Baited and waiting for that one pearl of knowledge, that one trade secret that would turn us into polishing masters.

And before long we were like the Karate kid, perfectly poised and polishing like a pro.

and the results speak for themselves, Dave’s car entered the garage a sad, beaten up shadow of a GT4 and left shining with a deep crystal clear reflection. “Mirror Mirror on red paint, who is the fairest one of all…..?”

Stories aside, it was a great day and we really appreciate George taking time out to demonstrate some of the amazing range of Mothers Car Care products. It really is incredible how a few of their products and the right advice can totally transform a car.

George gave demonstrations on Mothers Clay Bar System and followed that up with their three stage Ultimate Wax System including polish, glaze and wax products. He also gave us some great tips on removing scratches, oxidised paint, correct use of polishers and tips on which products to use where and when.

I am certainly looking forward to getting a few of their products and some polishing equipment and giving my sad beaten up shadow of a GT4 a new life.

Thanks muchly George for taking time to show us your gear and teach us how to get the best out of your products and our cars.


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