Mothers Car Care Product Demonstration Night – Nov 2011

Well last Monday night had George Syder from Mothers Car Care entertaining and educating us Toymodders on Mothers fantastic range of products and some of the finer points of car detailing.

We had I think 13 Toymodders turn up and a few very lame excuses that didn’t make it, but those that did turn up were keen to soak up some of Georges wisdom and try out some Mothers magic.

George started off by introducing himself and some of his products. He strategically backed the Toyota Marque at the expense of Porsche and Mazda owners and instantly built a great rapport with the Toyota-philes.

George brought along a great range of products to discuss and demonstrate, including their paint restoration products, wheel and tyre care, wax’s, Back to Black rubber and plastic rejuvenator and interior cleaners. He also had a big range of microfiber towels and applicators, chamois, and polishing equipment.

Darren’s Commondoor was chosen as needing the most amount of beautification. It was suggested that a Toyota badge would be a step in the right direction but George wanted to try anyway. Here is Darren trying out the Mothers Clay Bar on his bonnet.

Most in attendance had a go of these products and yes the Clay Bar really does lift the scum off a Commodore…….

El Presidente’ couldn’t take it any more and in a mad fury attacked the commodore with the first power tool he could find.

Unfortunately what he grabbed was Mothers Wax Attack Portable and the viscious attack left the Commodore even cleaner.

And the big reveal……..

Well it still looked like a Commodore but it did have half of a very clean bonnet. Every one then got intimate with the commodore and gave it a good feel. The difference was incredible, it really is amazing what these products can do for aged paint.

It is strange though, even though the paint was cleaner than the day it left the factory, I still felt a little dirty having touched a commodore…….

Cleaning a commodore left us all with a veracious appetite so as if on queue, vast amounts of Pizza arrived magically from Georges Pizzaria. So after satisfying our hunger, we all got to soothe our eyeballs and gaze fondly at a Classic Celica whilst it was pampered with more of Mothers beautification, including polishing tips and an example of Mothers Back to Black rubber and plastic rejuvenator.

George then followed this with a little TLC for some classic JDM wheels. This time it was the Mothers Power Ball and their Mag and Aluminium Polish doing the magic.

All in all it was a fantastic night, Georges knowledge combined with the quality of Mothers products makes for a very impressive demonstration of firstly how mucky some of our cars are and secondly how good they could be with the right tools and a little TLC.

I’ve certainly got a list of gear that I’m gonna be talking to Santa about, particularly the power ball and wheel polish (I have 3 others that now need polishing) and the Back to Black rubber rejuvenator. The wax attack also looks like a great investment, though I would need to break my habit of applying waaaaay too much polish and wax……..

Thanks to all who attended and made for such an enjoyable night. And a huge thanks to George Syder and Mothers Car Care for putting on such a great night and educating us on the finer points of car detailing. And thanks muchly for the T shirts, I’m actually wearing mine right now……..

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I hope we can revisit this sometime early in the new year and see how some of Mothers professional range of products work.


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