Classic Celica Appreciation Day – 2011

Well, it’s a little overdue but here is the official wrap-up for the 2011 Toymods Classic Celica Appreciation Day.

It started as a pretty busy for Dylan and I, shopping and getting stuff ready for the day and in particular the BBQ. Poor Frosty wasn’t really designed as a Toymods BBQ support vehicle….. but the 3 inch drop in ride height did look impressive.

So we sent Dylan and Vito off early to get started on the BBQ and I got to hang around at The Ettamoggah, perv on the sweet old cars and greet some of the tourists……

Unfortunately there were a few cars that didn’t make it to Wisemans Ferry but it was good to meet the owners at the Ettamogga and see their beautiful cars. One of the unfortunates was TRD-12A who with the best of intentions only made it half way down Windsor Road only to have mechanical problems.

So ultimately we had 28 and 2 half classic Celicas make it to Wisemans Ferry.

It really was a sensational day. The weather was fantastic, we had a good turnout of cars and all of them were polished and looking fantastic. I walked around all day gob smacked at how many quality build cars this event is attracting. Why we don’t we get more of these gems attending ToyotaFest I just don’t understand. Lovely lovely cars, all of them.

In particular It was great to see Old-RA25 and Rivers RA25’s side by side in the park. Possibly the only time you would ever see two of these very rare cars at the same event anywhere in Australia. And both of them immaculate.

The Classic Celica Quiz once again stirred up the grey matter and uncovered those peals of Celica trivia that won some Castrol gear for these Celica Guru’s. A huge thanks to the guys at go2space and Castrol for sponsoring the event and providing these great prizes.

So all in all it was an awesome day to sit around, having a chat, enjoying the sun, looking at some very sweet Celicas and catching up with old friends and new friends alike.

Thanks muchly to the following people for making the Classic Celica Appreciation Day as great as it was.
The event sponsors – Go2Space and Castrol
Coffee Fest at Macquarie Centre, Level 4 for the Gelato. If you are ever in Macquarie Centre and needing Caffeine call into Coffee Fest, say G’day to Daniel (Scrote) and support those who support this event.
Thanks to Fonzy (w810sc) once again for taking those fantastic photos
Thanks Dylan (MR22ZZ), Vito (trdee) and Jonathan (Rona) for their hard work on the BBQ.
Thanks also to the Canberra Celica Club and Newcastle Celica guys for bringing their awesome cars all those miles to join us for the day

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