Carnival 2013 – Australia Day


I didn’t take any pics, but I think Keanu did.

It was a good day, as always. The number of vehicles was down when compared to previous years, but the crowds and on-lookers were still the same. We met up at the usual spot and convoyed into the city. It was a long day as we had to meet up at 7-7:15am to drive to the show and the show remained opened until 5pm. I was fearful the weather would turn nasty around midday but this didn’t happen and it was a warm, humid day.

Toymods cars always look great and add to that our considerable good looks, it was hard for people not to pool about and talk about old Toyotas, ask about the Club and walk away with a Club flyer. The number of people who, in their earlier days, tell me they used to have an RA25 is incredible. I would assume this model, being owned by so many, that there would be plenty of spare parts and bits & pieces about, but alas there isn’t.

We had a good location, parked on the west side of Macquarie St, just opposite the Sydney Hospital. Trees covered us with shade in the morning and the awning of the shop fronts protected us after midday. We were next to the coffee shops, so there was no shortage of hydration and food during the day. Also an Ambo coming into Sydney Hospital collected the rear quarter of a nice old Corona – not sure the actual model number, but it’s that lovely red classic with number 23 and Betty Boop on the side. Farky ran after the ambo and got it sorted. I wish I had of seen the big old fella run, as it would of been an impressive sight. Fortunately the ambo had a de-fib unit and oxygen in case required after such a tortuous 20 metre gallop of our lovable old friend.

Coming home was eventful for me as in Market St a taxi pulled out, and I hit the brakes and missed him by inches. Then, at Epping, some L-plate clown cut me off to turn right and that also required a hefty push on the brakes.

All in all however, another great day. Great cars, good company, plenty of eye candy for the mechanical and biologically minded, and the Toymods gang are always fun to be with.



A few pics to go with Rivers writeup.

Chris’s Stout

Greg’s cute lil Tiara

Purple RA28

Rivers RA25GT looking sweet on it’s shiny Work equips

Schmitts angry little TA22

My TA22 – Frosty

Daves RA23 – The purple poo

Rods TA23 – The Colonel

Leo’s Corolla

Gregs belly scraping Crown

And a general scene of the lineup during the day

I had a great day. Plenty of people happy to look admire and chat. The old Toyotas seem to keep everyone interested.

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