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Thread: wtd: (vic) dead supra w5* gearbox

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    Default wtd: (vic) dead supra w5* gearbox

    Chasing a dead supra w5* gearbox for parts only - years ago when i worked for meridian i stupidly bought my w58 gearbox into work for a mockup on a customers car & it stayed in the workshop corner for years. Ended up having all the casing bolts etc pilfered out of it - just looking for a dead box to source all the bolts etc off if someone has one with a smashed gearset or something lying around.......

    in se suburbs (seaford)



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    Default Re: wtd: (vic) dead supra w5* gearbox

    If you have no luck finding what you need, you can order them from Toyota (or Amayama).

    Check out to get the part numbers you need but the main ones are:

    Rear to Front Case Assembly bolts - 90119-10019 (QTY 9)
    Bellhousing to Trans - 91612-61045 (QTY 9)
    Retainer Bearing Cover to Trans - 90119-08213 (QTY 7)
    Shift Retainer to Rear Case - 91611-60825 (QTY 6)
    Shifter to Shift Retainer - 93381-16012 (QTY 4)
    Speedo Retainer Bolt - 91611-60614
    Fill Plug - 90341-18002
    Drain Plug - 90341-18057
    Plug Gaskets- 90430-18008 (QTY 2)

    Things get a little complicated bolting the bellhousing to the engine and I have only dealt with a 1G which had some extra brackets so best bet would be to pick a car with the engine you are using from the link above to finalise any extra bits you need.

    Also, when putting the front and rear case together make sure to put it in gear (doesn't matter which) but make sure the shift lever is also in that gear - I bet you can figure why I know this...

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