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Thread: No Spark GA70 1G-GTE Troubleshoot Help?

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    Default No Spark GA70 1G-GTE Troubleshoot Help?

    Hi there,

    I have a ga70 Supra non runner (1G-GTE), I'm delving in the deep end a bit as I have little to no mechanical experience.
    I have gone as far as determining that I have no spark, the dizzy rotor is not spinning when cranking (I can't hand turn it at all either) & when I look down the oil filler hole the camshaft doesn't turn on crank. That made me think maybe the timing belt has gone?
    There is evidence of electrical work from the previous owner so it's possibly an electrical fault, as occasionally the digi dash does not illuminate.
    I've tested 12v from the battery so it's not a lack of power issue.
    Starter motor cranks very strong, no signs of trying to turn over though.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction what to look at & how (in simple terms) that would be greatly appreciated!
    Could save me a lot of time & frustration.


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    Default Re: No Spark GA70 1G-GTE Troubleshoot Help?

    I cant help you with the other issues, but to check the timing belt, just remove the upper clips on the intercooler hoses and pull it out of the way, then you can access the timing belt cover.

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    Default Re: No Spark GA70 1G-GTE Troubleshoot Help?

    You may have both electrical and mechanical issues but first step will be to check your Timing belt is there. Just remove the top part of the timing cover

    With the engine cranking your cams and dissy rotor should always be turning.
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