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Thread: JDM AE92: Oil Cooler + Oil Temp Gauge

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    Default JDM AE92: Oil Cooler + Oil Temp Gauge

    I'm upgrading the oiling system on my car < JDM AE92 > as I intend doing some Track Days next year.

    I will be running the first 2-3 meets with my current engine while the new engine is being built.

    I realised I'd need to upgrade oiling system < JDM AE92' didn't come with Oil Coolers > so I recently picked up an oil cooler set-up from an AUDM SecaSX (cooler radiator / hoses / hard-lines / sandwich plate / Sump+sump drain union) and mounted the cooler + cooler > hard-line hoses in front of car.

    > The SX Seca was very clean; the wrecker told me the owner had flicked it because it blew a head gasket & cost to fix was > book value of car.

    I also ordered some baffle plates for OEM sump from intending to fit them last weekend. My next step WAS going to be to order new springs etc for OE sandwich plate + new hoses & flush out oil cooler.

    So. . . .

    I went & saw my engine builder last week on another matter & he basically told me I'd bought the above stuff for nothing. He said that the OE set-up wouldn't cut it for Track Duty; especially in Summer. ( OE sump; even with the 2RUS baffles; didn't impress him...)

    He recommended I flick the Sump & get a properly designed unit with an upgraded oil capacity that adequately baffled the oil pick up; i.e. something like the MRP / Moroso unit. I agreed a decent sump is good insurance so I went ahead and ordered the MRP sump (+ new 20V oil Pump)

    He also said that re-using a 20 yr old cooler was dumb; especially one off a car that had blown a HG & suggested I get a new larger unit with AN fittings as well as a new Sandwich plate with Integral thermostat as that would also come with AN unions. He suggested min. AN-8 & preferably AN-10 line sizes.

    My questions are:

    1. Is the above oil cooler upgrade necessary or can I get away with installing the OE oil cooler system with all-new components ?

    I understand the need to replace the OE sump but would prefer to retain the OE oil-cooler system and just replace all the old parts (i.e. sandwich plate springs / hoses / oil cooler rad.). FWIW I'm taking the OE oil cooler unit down to a local radiator place to see if they can spec. a cheaper replacement.

    2. Where's the best place to mount an oil temp. sender that's NOT the OE sump oil drain bung?

    AFAIK the OE sandwich plate doesn't have a place where I can tap a sensor

    3. Can I swap out the clock in the OE binnacle with a 52 mm Oil Temp Gauge, OR getting more adventurous get another OE water temp gauge & re-purpose that as an oil temp gauge?

    I know this may seem OCD but I'd like to keep the instrumentation looking OE & avoid having an extra gauge stuck on the dash or A-Pillar etc. . .
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