For sale is a kind of odd import Corona. Would be great for parts, or for someone with too much time and a sense of humour. Car is located in Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria. Can be driven home on a permit.

I'll copy and paste the ebay description:

For sale is rare to Australia, ST-150 Toyota Corona. It was purchased around 6 months ago from a Dealer with RWC, and is no longer needed. I am selling on behalf of my father and will give as much detail as I can.

Even though it (some how) passed RWC only 6 months ago, it needs work. This car would not suit someone who wants to buy and register without getting their hands dirty.

- It starts, runs, drives and stops.
- It's fuel injected
- It has a new battery
- It's weird - I've never seen this car before and you probably haven't either. Unique, though that's not always a good thing.
- It's quite straight and relatively rust free bar the rust around the fuel filler
- It's very easy to drive
- Just drove 6 hours on the highway continuously without issue, and has been reliable in the time my father has owned it
- It has relatively low K's for a car this old

- It has an exhaust leak - most likely a gasket
- It has an oil/atf leak (not sure which or if both)
- Tyres are old and without much tread. Had to install spare tyre during 6 hour drive so tyre in the boot is blown
- Drivers door needs to be closed harder than normal
- Someone has attempted to remove door skins but mostly just broke off front and rear passenger window winder.
- Paint is worn
- Sounds like it has a wheel bearing that needs replacing at low speeds - seemed fine on the highway.
- Auto gear lever is a bit wobbly
- Sill trim is damaged on one side, and removed on the other.
- Drivers door lock has been hacked at and doesn't work
- There's a hole cut in the boot. No idea why, but it's easy to access so would be easy to weld in a patch.
- Has a high idle. Most likely a vacuum leak. Replacing the vacuum lines (there's not too many) near throttle body should fix.

It feels like a shame to drop it off at the metal recyclers, so I hope that either someone who needs parts from this car or engine, or maybe just someone with a sense of humour save it from the crusher.

The registration has been cancelled, and plates will be removed. I drove it 550kms to Melbourne days ago, so would be fine to drive home on an unregistered vehicle permit available from the Vicroads website.

$500 ono