We are now offering Znoelli Rotors & Pads.
Very affordable performance brake items.

DDS - Sports
These are directionally slotted (grooved) to provide benefits such as:
- reduced brake fade through pad de-gassing,
- increased wet performance through the dissipation of water, mud & dirt,
- improved pedal feel through increased pad bite,
- improved rotor life through pad deglazing and of course
- they look more purposeful behind alloy wheels.
In addition to the above the wide slot design draws cool air across the face of the pad allowing cooler running and the dimple drilled areas further break down gases without the risk of rotor cracking that can sometimes be associated with fully cross drilled discs.

SP500 Sports Brake Pads
These pads are design as an all-star road replacement product with excellent bite from cold and an upper temperature range at the peak of what you'll find in a road legal brake pad. They are suitable for all types of normal street use and some sprint track type applications. They have a good friction coefficient with a peak of 0.47 mu and work extremely well from cold. These pads are an organic semi-metalic compound with a maximum continuous working temperature of 550 deg C. They are burnished during production at a temperature of 650 deg C while being compressed with 1000kg of force. This process eliminates "green fade" on road cars and massively reduces break in times. There are still however specific bedding procedures to be followed if used as a track/racecar type product.

These compliment our Sports Brake Disc range and are recommended for use with every Znoelli Sports Disc option.
Heat Range: 0 - 550 deg C
Friction mu value: 0.42 - 0.47
Burnished for fast bedding in
Provision for OE wear sensors and ancillaries

Some pricing as follows:
AE111 SS Front 275x25 4x100 Discs Pair DDS $270nzd
AE111 SS Front Pads $120nzd
AE92/101/111 Non SS Pads $86nzd
AE111 SS / Non SS / AE92 / AE101 etc Rear Pads $100nzd

The Brake Pads are rated similar to Hawk Blue Series so they are an exceptional price!

Shipping on a set of pads to Aus is approx $15nzd
Set of Rotors approx $100nzd

We offer any discs or pads from Znoelli, you can check out the range here:

Please ask for pricing for your selected car model and we can price you up!