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Thread: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

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    Default Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    I've been considering supercharger options for a 1G, since it was so addictive in the MR2...the chargers that come to mind (cheapish, efficient, readily available) are the Eaton M90 (as fitted to the commodore?) and the M112. I'm not sure if the M90 will be big enough (I'd like 230-250RWHP), does anyone know much about the peak outputs? I wouldn't want to run it much over 14psi...

    Seems like an M90 will stop at 12,000rpm, and produce about 500cfm at 10psi at that rev range...

    The M112 supposedly goes to 14,000rpm, and will flow 800cfm at 10psi...which seems a bit excessive


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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    M90 will be plenty on 2 litres....makes 200+rwkw on a UZ around 12psi so should flow more than enough for a 1G? M112 is a fair sized beast so yeah, overkill for a 1G
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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    FIT over your way would be worth a chat to mullet

    thats on 3.8 litres of buick v6. 295hp is respectable

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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    owing a vs with a l67 "supercharged V6"
    i think the M90 will be heaps for a 2L.

    only problem with them is that they do make alot of heat at high rpm.
    i'm running a 71mm pulley and a 5% over drive balancer for the blower and a water to air intercooler, by memory i worked it out to about 14,000 rpm for the blower at 12psi "or was it 18,000?"

    a guy on another forum is selling a M90 gen 5 which is a yank blower, diffrent pitch in the rotors "better" and inlet is straight not bent like the aussie type.

    hope that help's?

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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    as everyone said m90 should be the shit

    im probably going to fit one to my m116 benz V8 (3.8 litre) should be interesting!

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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    What's the supercharger like off a 2.0L/2.3L Kompressor Merc?
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    Default Re: Eaton M90 vs Eaton M112

    That'll be the MP62 or MP45 depending on the model.

    Both of which are probably on the smaller side, I'll be running an MP62 on a 4AGZE in the near future with any luck.

    The MP62 would go alright on the 1G but I'd go for the M90

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