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Thread: A70 fuel line diameter

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    Default A70 fuel line diameter

    hey guys,

    i've had a quick search but haven't ound any results.

    anyway, does anyone know the diameter of the rubber fuel hoses coming from the tank and going to the hardlines running to the front of the car on an A70?

    im pretty sure mine are the cause of the leak and would prefer if I could get the replacement lines before staarting the job.

    JZA70 Twin Turbo R - 301.3rwkW @ 18psi

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    Default Re: A70 fuel line diameter

    Calipers out of order?

    Return hose is 8mm, vent hose seems to be 1/4", but 6mm would likely fit.

    (By coincidence I happen to have a JZA70 fuel tank in the garage...)
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