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Thread: xT Series Engine Variants

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Engine model and generation:3T 2T hybrid 3t bottom end 2t head pushrod

    Top End Modifications:fly cut valve seats ports cleaned up standard camshaft

    Bottom end modifications:Eurotech cast pistons 20thou over,balanced and blue printed bottom end

    Forced induction:T28 garret turbo, 1:75 strongbury carby draw through,12psi

    Management:Elec dizzy

    Fuel used98

    Intake:Standard manifold

    Exhaust:Custom exhaust manifold 3 inch mandreal bent exhaust

    Driveline:Lightend flywheel T50 gear box

    119.2 rear wheel kilowatts

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Engine model and generation:
    2TG/3T Hybrid Early 2TG Block late Head 88261

    Top End Modifications:
    Oversize Valves
    401A Camtech grind
    Head Ported

    Bottom end modifications:
    Endrotech Pistons (machined to suit head)
    Hasting Rings
    3T Crank Block machine to fit the Crank

    Spark Only Via Jaycar Igntion Kit Mk2

    Fuel used
    BP Ultimate

    Dual Side Draught Solex 40PPH Carbies S4
    M 135
    MA 170
    P 60
    Starter 180
    Pump Nozzles 45
    Note: Current Flat spot on street driving update jetting on fixing.

    Ramflo foam style air cleaners
    Custom balance pipe

    4-1 Extractors
    2" Exhausr System

    Heavy 3TC Flywheel (approx 12kg)
    Clutch HD Exedy
    Stock T50
    Stock Diff

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    made [email protected] while being tuned. Will be going on a dyno where i can get a read out in a few weeks so will post one then.

    Engine model and generation:
    2T/3T Hybrid
    3TC bottom end - crank, rods, pistons. all stock.
    2T head

    Top End Modifications:
    ported head - home job

    shaved head 1mm - rough calculations say that would give a CR of 9.5

    reground cam shaft - number 3 on this list

    Bottom end modifications:
    stock 3t bottom end.

    Fuel used
    95 octane (combination of what was left in my tank, 91 and mostly 98)

    weber 32/36 just tuned and jetted and working nicely.

    pacemaker extractors. stock exhaust from there back.

    lightened 2t flywheel.
    Standard TA22 diff
    T50 gearbox

    400km after rebuild.
    ta22 Green with cream vinyl roof, 2t/3t hybrid with a few go fast bits on + 5 speed.

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    thought people would be interested in a friend Eric Budd's 3tgte te71 racecar in NZ
    power 197rwkw @ 7400rpm, 640nm from 4800 to 6500 all on 16psi
    compression 140-145psi

    Engine model and generation:

    Top End Modifications:
    88260 2tgeu head, reground 2tgeu 88261 cams, lengthened valve stems, harder outer valve springs.

    Bottom end modifications:
    stock 3tgte

    Forced induction:
    custom T3/T4 turbo, evo intercooler, racepro BOV, Tial external wastegate

    Link lem1 (old)

    Fuel used
    98 octane(?)

    2tgeu intake, adapter plate w/ mitsi evo throttle body

    3" exiting before rear wheels

    w57, hilux rear, 2-way lsd

    E2 + E7 fan
    '71 KE26 5k, '75 KE25 SR 4agte, '78 KP60 bug 4k-u, '83 KE70 SR Coupe 3tgte, '84 KE74, '84 YN57, '84 AE85.6, '86 AE82 FXGT 20v, '91 ST185, '92 SW20

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Engine 3TG

    Top End Modifications: Standard, mild clean up of ports

    Bottom end modifications: Stand crank, standard rods linished, Ross racing pistons, gapless rings, 2mm copper head gasket

    Forced induction: Turbo similar to TD05

    Management: Haltech E6X

    Fuel used: Mobile 8000

    Intake: Modified front mount (made by me)

    Exhaust: Custom top mount turbo manifold (made by me), 3" exhaust, resonator and twin straight through rear magnaflow

    Drive line: Carters clutch, W55, 3.9" F series IRS
    RA40 3t-gte. Haltech fitted.
    Power - 229hp at 17psi
    Toyota Nationals 2013, Easter Long Weekend, Dubbo, NSW

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Dyno curve is Rear wheel KW

    Torgue is Rearwheel Nm

    Soft Rev limiter 6300 Rpm
    Hard Rev Limiter 6500 Rpm
    ~115 Kw at rear wheel

    Measured rolling down powerloss at maximum power was ~20Kw
    so the Claculated Engine power is ~135 Kw / ~184 Hp
    Calculated engine Torgue was over 220 Nm

    Engine model and generation:


    Top End Modifications:

    - Ported 2T Head. (max flow at 12mm lift ~200 Cfm with 28").
    - +1mm oversize intake valves (Modified Ford CVH 1.6).
    - head cut down ~1mm.
    - Schneider Dualvalve springs, only outer springs are used..
    - Schneider Titanium valve retainers.
    - 0.1" Bug Pack Lashcaps to get rocker arm angle to better and save cutted intake valves. (they also need to modify.)

    Bottom end modifications:

    - 2105cc Bore: 88mm Stroke 86.6mm.
    - Pistons Wiseco K547M88, valve pockets are modified and piston edges around are shaved 2.5mm down. now pin height is 32.4mm
    - CR ~10.75.
    - 3mm Cometic Head gasket.
    - Eagle 4.850" long Con rods (Stock wont turn anymore, there is no space anymore).
    - 4Y Modified Crank (to 2T pulley & Counterweights are shortened 12mm to get the crank turn, under size bearing size grinded non centric to give extra 0.6mm stroke).
    - Modified Crank seal bracket, to get space for bigger seal.
    - 2T Oilpump with 18R rotors, 6mm thicker, modified pick up pipe.
    - Block is Grinded at many places to get more space to get crank turn.
    - Moroso windage trey (modified to get crank turn).
    - DIY oilpan (6.5 liter).
    - 3.1Kg Custom Flywheel (weight without starter ring).
    - Schneider 284F Cam (got some problem and copied this to another cam and little bit modify pre and after ramps to get it more quiet.)
    - Adjustable Cam Gear and Cam gear door in engine.


    - Twin 45mm Custom machined Throttlebodies.
    - 6" Bug Pack trumpets.
    - Modified MISAB Sideraft intake.


    - Megasquirt 1.

    Fuel used:

    -Cheapest pump gas. Neste 95E10 or 98E5.


    - DIY 4-1 35mm inner diameter and lenght from valve to collector 760mm (+-20 mm to each other).
    -2.5" pipe and First muffler after 780mm at primary pipe ends.
    -2 x 2.5" Simons resonator mufflers.


    - 7.25" Tilton Clutch cover with modified stock clutch disc (190mm -> 184mm).
    - T50.
    - Stock TA12 Carina rear end with TRD LSD.


    Lot of work... Pretty high torgue in a wide range.. good Performance engine to the streets. Harder cam is no needed to use, that is not make not HP anymore. only loose torgue, head cant flow more, without massive welding jobs, or change it to 2TG

    will recommend to use longer rods to get better R/S ratio with custom pistons, in that time when i make this, there is no available any. Max 127mm (piston height 27mm) then is no needed to use extra thick gasket.
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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    270RWHP at 6000rpm with 22psi boost.

    Engine model and generation: 3TC 1.8L late 70's era

    Top End Modifications: Mild cleanup of ports, mild turbo cam

    Bottom end modifications: 3SGE Beams pistons for 7.0:1 compression and ARP rod bolts

    Forced induction: Borg Warner S200sx

    Management: Typing right now

    Fuel used e10 95 octane

    Intake: Holley 650 carb on standard 3TC manifold

    Exhaust: SR20 ebay stainless header and 3 inch to bumper

    Driveline: T50 gearbox, Torana tailshaft, R31 skyline diff with 3.9 gears
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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    A comparison of my 2TGEU before and after grafting a SC14 to it. The blue/green lines are the original Factory EFI set-up. The red/pink lines are the SC14 set-up.

    Engine model and generation: 2TGEU (Factory EFI)

    Top End Modifications: None

    Bottom end modifications: None

    Forced induction: Before: None. After: SC14

    Management: Factory ECU/Haltech E8

    Fuel used 95 Octane

    Intake: Factory EFI

    Exhaust: 4-2-1 Headers

    Driveline: T50 gearbox close ratio, standard 22 diff

    Although top end power did not increase dramatically, the torque curve is soooo much better. I am still tweaking the set up so should hopefully be even better
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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Engine model and generation: last variant of the 2TGEU 1600cc (Oval combustion head design)

    Top End Modifications: reconditioned to standard spec

    Bottom end modifications: reconditioned to standard spec

    Forced Induction: none

    Management: Adaptronic e420c

    Fuel used: 98 Octane

    Intake: Factory twin carbie manifold match ported to a pair of 50mm ITB's

    Exhaust: 4-1 Headers

    Driveline: Was dyno'd with standard T50 gearbox and open T series diff

    With air filters on, lost 4kw - lol. It made about the same power as with the delco, but it does feel more linear with the adaptronic. Pulls very hard, very early and all the way to past redline. Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to play with the internals.

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Power:100hp/74rwkw @ 146 km/h, Torque: 211nm @ 118km/h (4th gear)
    No AFRs recorded, and my LC-1 wideband died not long ago. Read pretty steady 12.5-13:1 WOT 3000-7000rpm when it was working.

    Bottom End
    3T crank, standard conrods, +0.50mm 8.8:1 CR 3T pistons w/ exhaust valve reliefs milled (so <8.8:1 CR)
    1G 5.5kg flywheel + clutch, T50 'box with bellhousing webbing ground to accept larger clutch

    Cylinder Head
    88222 head, standard 88222 cams & valves, double valve springs from Sleeka spares
    Tidied casting flashes and match-ported to intake.
    Head surfaced 0.8mm, 0.8mm Cometic HG

    2x Dellorto DHLA40(N) with 40mm trumpets
    32mm Venturis
    140 Main Jets
    60 Idle Jets
    195 Air Correctors
    7772.11 Emulsion Tubes
    80 Pump Jet
    Facet Gold electric fuel pump
    BP Ultimate 98
    + secret squirrel business involving lead birdshot pellets inside the carbs

    Electronic from RA60, GT40 coil, Top Gun 8.8mm leads, BP5EY plugs
    Timing was advanced a touch from 16* base. Made 96hp with 16*

    Genie 4-1 extractors, 2.5" mandrel bent

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    Default Re: xT Series Engine Variants

    Engine model and generation: Bitsa 2TG. 88261 head iirc but has late model electronic dizzy, with early model cam covers etc. who knows what it really is..

    Top End Modifications: Stock afaik

    Bottom end modifications: Stock afaik

    Forced Induction: none

    Management: Factory Mikuni PHH40s, rebuilt to standard spec

    Fuel used: 98 Octane

    Intake: Standard inlet manifold with some 25mm trumpets

    Exhaust: 4-1 Headers

    Driveline: Standard T50 gearbox and open D series diff

    I rebuilt the carbs myself having never touched a carburettor before! It was also only running about 12deg base timing and should make a few extra KW once I bump the timing up to 16degs
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