Hi All.
After many years, planning to finish my favourite car, I'm unfortunately considering selling, so opening a discussion here to see if there are any interested buyers willing to make an offer.
This RA28 1977 was running and driving, not registered, when i left to live overseas. I originally thought I'd go for 2 years, but since stayed longer.
Car has been stored on a family farm, 1.5 hours north of Melbourne, in a shed to keep it away from the salt air where i used to live.
Every so often, my Dad would go and fire it up, and give it a run, but recently he's not been able to, so as far as i know, it's not running now with flat battery, and apparently a fuel pump wire being chewed by a mouse.
Mechanically should be fine.
It's had a 1GGTE swap, disc conversion, w58 gearbox. Was running and driving well with standard ECU spliced in. Quite original, and plenty of good quality spare parts. Rust was ok when i left it, i had replaced the sills with new fabricated ones. Chassis was great. If anyone wants to get in touch to discuss or negotiate a deal, please let me know. Sadly, while it's a solid vehicle, it's in barn find condition at the moment.

Some photos in this folder.

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