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Thread: 20v silvertop distributor help

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    Default 20v silvertop distributor help

    Hey, been a long time since in this section.

    Doing a ems stinger install into my mates ae82? liftback that's had a silvertop 20v put in it at some stage of it's life. It was running like a bag of snot and turned out the oem ecu has a bunch of leaking capacitors and shite on the board.

    So we decided to stick a spare ems 4424 v4 stinger on it, same as both my aw11's run.

    It's been a while since I did a ecu install and as many know if you're not doing it all the time you get rusty.

    The 20v distributor has me a little stumped, I can't find any definite information on how to wire it up to the ems. I usually can nut this sort of thing out myself rather easily, but life's been hard past few years and my brain just isn't functioning right. haha... doh. I've had no issues running the gze cas on these stinger ecu's.

    Just wondering if there's some whiz out there that can point me in the right direction? so I can get my mates car running and ready for a upcoming event.


    Couple diagrams for anyone interested..!Aoz6dcoHkz7AwGOM...Z3JpZ?e=AuNCUo!Aoz6dcoHkz7AwGJN...Gbbtg?e=ceEEIQ
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    Default Re: 20v silvertop distributor help

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