Hi Folks

I got a new car, with only 71000 km on it, only problem so far is that the idle is a bit high even when engines gotten warm. The idle doesnt seems to change from cold start at all. Car doesnt have a tach, but im guessing the idle might be somewhere around 1300rpms.

I have read about the idle control valve, however i cant seem to find one on my throttlebody, theres no electrical connections there except for on the throttle position sensor. Is the idle control mechanical? i can see where two coolant hoses goes into the throttlebody, so i assume it might be there?

If i unplugg the tps the idle goes up even more, i disconnected the vacuum valve on the firewall and then the car stops.
I checked for vacuum leaks, also checked the throttleblade itself and it seems clean and is moving freely.

the coolant temp gauge in the car works, but could still the fault lay within a coolant temp sensor?

i also notice the idle changes a tiny bit when i press the brakes, but if i turn the headlights on, the idle is not affected at all.

Except for this the engine is running mint, doesnt seem to run rich or anything, no hestitations, or starting problems.

Any tips on what i should be looking at/for?

Thanks in advance for Help and suggestions