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Thread: 4AGE 20V Silvertop

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    Default 4AGE 20V Silvertop

    Hope some one can shed some light.
    Not sure if this is the correct section but, I have a silvertop with a black top ECU, it was running ok with none brand coils, one burned so I got Denso 673-1306, after installing them the car would not start and if it does wont stay on, I got some other brand ICO32130 and it does the same thing, not sure what is going on. Hope someone can help.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: 4AGE 20V Silvertop

    Without knowing the full details of your ignition setup I can only take a guess.

    First possibility is that you have bought the wrong type of COP. There are 2-wire type (12V trigger pulse and ground); 3-wire type (12V power, ground and 5V trigger pulse); and 4-wire type (12V power, ground, 5V trigger pulse and 5V IGF ignition feedback pulse). You need to make sure you got the same type of coil as your original ignition setup used.

    If the new coils have the same number of wires as the originals, check that the pinouts are the same i.e. that the function of the wires in the clip match the function of the pins on the COP. If you get 12V and 5 V inputs mixed up it won't work. Good luck

    Cheers... jondee86

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