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Thread: 1884 AE71 Corolla - Unfinished project + spares + MA61 rims - $1200 ono Sydney

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    Default 1884 AE71 Corolla - Unfinished project + spares + MA61 rims - $1200 ono Sydney


    I have an unfinished project which I started after buying my AE71 back from the insurer when they wrote it off for damaged front guards, bonnet and radiator support panel. I had all the body repairs done buy a professional panel beater and bought a donor car for all necessary panels plus spares.

    The rest of the body was still in great condition after the accident, with only two small spots of repairable rust in the boot lip and behind the fuel flap. It has suffered a bit of surface rust from sitting under a tarp for a few years, but the structure is perfect and the little rust it has is easily repairable. As seen in the photos, the rolla has the wing that, as far as I know, only the Spirit's had, but I can't find any way of telling if it is a Spirit or not - all I can say is it's a CS going from the badging. Obviously a new paint job is in order, though the rest of the car would still buff up quite nicely.

    Interior is in great condition, with near new carper, tight hood lining, and original seats and door trims in good condition.

    Engine and running gear
    The original 4AC engine was rebuilt about 40k before the accident. From memory, the meter is showing about 240k. Original diff and manual gearbox are rock solid.

    From Donor Car:
    - 4AC in good running condition when we took it out, meter showing less than 200k
    - Factory AC system
    - Factory(?) alarm system/immobiliser
    - Instrument Cluster
    - Wiring loom
    - Front Door Trims
    - Near new radiator (can't remember if I have the original from my car)
    - Probably a lot more I've forgotten about

    There are also two different workshop manuals and all factory paperwork, along with a bunch of miscellaneous bolts, cables, ancillary parts. So you will definitely not need anything to get this car back to good working factory condition.

    I am moving interstate, so I'm open to offers to take the lot ASAP. I'm looking for $1200 all up, but would consider selling rims separately. I know that these cars are getting rarer, and it owes me more, but I want it gone and I'd like it to make it back on the road instead on in a scrap yard. PM me with offers and we can work it out. Everything is located in Winston Hills, Sydney.

    Photos not uploading - will try again soon or can PM me.

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    Default Re: 1884 AE71 Corolla - Unfinished project + spares + MA61 rims - $1200 ono Sydney

    Hi do you still have this avaliable? Can you send photos please??
    Thanks Neil

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