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Thread: Engine harmonics (3S)

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    Default Engine harmonics (3S)

    So come across some unusual main cap failures on the 3s/5s which I wouldn't say is a common failure on the S?

    It's possible it may just be a flaw in the casting, but the question was brought up if the harmonic damper was installed and on at least one case it wasn't.

    Also adding to my musings is the fact that the Camry did have balance gears or something to reduce vibrations as well?

    Now to my question as I don't know how it all works really, but how does one find out where the harmful harmonics are on any motor to to potentially avoid time spent at that rev range? I watch a HP academy vid on the little hayabusa based V8's where they had flat plane cranks and 70deg banks which ment they had very harmful harmonics at a certain rev range and no harmonic balancer IIRC but it was low in the rev range and under the power band.

    What effect does stroke and rod/stroke ratio have on harmonics? along with changes to rods/pistons when they become heavier or lighter (obv even with balancing taken into account)?

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    Default Re: Engine harmonics (3S)

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