We will be going for a cruise up Putty road ending at Broke Village Fair

- Sunday September 10. We will meet at 9am at the Ettamogah Pub in Kellyville.

- From there we will leave at 9:30am and take off up Old Windsor Road up through Windsor and then on to Putty Rd.

- We then follow Putty road all the way up to Broke. This is an awesome road and if you haven't done putty before, then you NEED to come along. It has some nice flowing curves, big wide open roads, as well as a couple nice tight technical sections, travelling through massive national park areas well away from annoying traffic you find on the more common road like nasho/old pac etc. We will stop once or twice for a breather as this is a very long stretch of road.

- When we get to Broke we will head in to the fair and check out the event and grab a bite to eat. There will be a classic car display amongst other things, so it should be a good day. For those not doing the run and just wanting to meet us at the fair, the fair is being held at Mcnamara park, Broke, from 9am to 3pm. We should be there about 12ish

- From there everyone is welcome to stick around as long as they like and then depart at their most convenient time, heading back whichever way they want.

What To Bring
- This is a long cruise, and Putty Road is a bit remote. It would pay to fill up with fuel before we depart, because nobody is going to want to waste half a day filling a jerrycan for you from some servo 150kms away.

- Entry to the fair is by gold coin donation, so bring some shrapnel

Hope to see you all there!

Route Plan -