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Thread: 8NR-FTS into Echo

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    Default 8NR-FTS into Echo

    G'day, a friend of mine has an XP10 1.3 litre Echo from around the year 2000, and for a laugh, we got to discussing what it would take to put the engine out of a Toyota CH-R into it, the 8NR-FTS Turbo engine. So my questions are these:

    do the 2NZ-FE and the 8NR-FTS engine share the same bellhousing pattern?

    will the engine mounts be similar?

    is it all going to physically fit in the engine bay?

    will the CH-R motor destroy the gearbox from the echo? will it break driveshafts?

    how much boost can the CH-R engine run?

    what about the brakes? the echo brakes are barely adequate at the best of times, so maybe the CH-R brakes will fit?

    will a Haltech ECU run it all ok?

    Is there anything else you'd like to add? anything I haven't thought of?

    Cheers, Gab

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    Default Re: 8NR-FTS into Echo

    Pretty sure that engine is direct injection, so no a Haltech ECU will not run it, unless you convert the engine to port injection. Im always a fan of motor conversions, so good luck with your project. Ive been dreaming about putting a super charged V6 camery engine in the back of a pruis.... sleepers are so much fun.

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