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Thread: brake hard lines and flaring

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    Default brake hard lines and flaring

    I've been installing a brake upgrade and about to fit new braided lines also, but while undoing the 10mm fitting, it's started to round off the nut, even with the 'proper' semi-open ender single hex tool.

    Seems like the solution here is to cut off the end of the hard line and re-flare it.
    I'm gonna have to learn a bit here and buy a few tools, I've never worked with brake hard lines before.
    Since I don't think I'll have to replace the whole hard line, I might not even need a pipe bending tool.

    Maybe I just need a flaring and line cutting tool.

    But I'm going to need a new fitting to replace the one with the rounded off 10mm hex, but I don't even know what that 10mm threaded fitting is called, or where to go to get the right size I need.

    Any other suggestions? surely I don't need to replace the complete hard line yet, but would probably be good to know how to go about that if it ever needs doing.


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    Default Re: brake hard lines and flaring

    You should try some kind of self-tightening plier or spanner like this....

    Might save you a lot of time that could be better spent on other things

    Cheers... jondee86

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    Default Re: brake hard lines and flaring

    I like the idea of the quickest way possible, but I think even if I do manage to undo the nut, it will be pretty well mangled by then, and it'll probably be hard to actually do it up tight enough if I try and re use it.

    These flare nuts have so far been pretty hard to find today, but now I've found:

    Looks like Aeroflow has stuff available, will just have to figure out sizing

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    Default Re: brake hard lines and flaring

    When I'm undoing old rusty stuff like brake lines that are generally really tight, I go forwards a tiny bit. Then I back it out. Helps get a better result, its a little easier to tighten as it was spinning that way before it seized, and then once it moves just a little you can back it out much easier.

    Ive bought those flare nuts from IFS at Rocklea before, they are just 5/16 flare nuts, the ones you buy are a bit longer than Toyota ones. They sell all the hard lines too, its called Bundy Tube and it comes in many sizes, as stated your brakes are 5/16.

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    Default Re: brake hard lines and flaring

    Shock. Hit it.
    A little on each of the six side, then a good wallop or 2 on the other thick piece the nut goes into, with a bucking bar, another hammer or heavy weight on its opposite side to take the shock.
    Any decent auto parts house oughta have the flare nut. There will probably not be enough of a straight section to clamp on the double flairing tool once the old flare's cut off, especially if the nut is longer as written above. So if un-bending it's a bitch, and seldom used double flare stuff is too $$, the pre-made stuff at the parts store might be just the right length if you're lucky.
    Flare wrench or flare nut wrench or most likely flare spanner.
    Good luck.
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