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Thread: MX 13 drum conversion

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    Default MX 13 drum conversion

    Hi team, looking for ideas.

    I have the mx13 rear end converted into an ae86. Using the stock drum system from the mx 13, ra65 drums, mx13 shoes, and ae86 wheel cylinders. It all works fine, good bias etc, however I adjusted the handbrake a couple weeks ago as the shoes had worn, and I found that the left rear adjuster flexed and slipped sideways and came out of adjustment. Handbrake still works, its just sloppy again. I really need to dump the old mx13 style adjustment, which is 2 sprung arms with interlocking teeth.

    I was thinking my SA63 Parts car would be the thing to get the bits from, since the ra65 drum fits with just a little bit of machining. I'm wondering if I can just take the internal mechanisms out of those drums and reinstall in the mx13 system. The S series ae86 handbrake cable attached fine, so I assume they use a lot of standard connections with those, and its just a matter of putting it all together with the different mechanisms.

    Just looking for anything I might want to know before doing all this work, has anyone put a different brake setup on the mx13,be it disc or drum? What have you discovered?

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    Default Re: MX 13 drum conversion

    The old st-141/rt-142 disk setup bolts directly to the mx13 diff. I used the internal drum backing plate for handbrake and adapted Brembo 2 pot calipers to them.

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