So apparently we forgot to post this here.

With our main event Calender on Facebook these days it sometime gets over looked. But yes , it is on again as always

Classic Celica Appreciation Day - 4th Sunday in May 2019.

Time: 10:00am for a 10:30am Leave
Meeting point: Ettamogah Pub
Corner of Windsor Road and Merriville Rd Kellyville Ridge
Destination: Wisemans Ferry

NOTE: There will be no access to the park prior the the arrival of the official cruise. So DO NOT get there early, you will only block and clog up the General parking area. All vehicles will be guided into the park due to the proximity of play equipment and children

Just like last year the Toymods Car Club will be raising money for the Black Dog Institute. Donations are voluntary and there will simply be a donation bucket available at the pre-meet and at the event during the day. We raised $333.65 last year and it would be great to exceed that this time around.

100% of all funds raised will be donated to the black dog institute. to help with Suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

# Bring small notes if you want to purchase lunch from the BBQ
# Bring folding chairs or a picnic blanket - we are in a park after all.
# Its a family friendly picnic in the park, Surrounded by Celica's, Not a car show.