So I am transplanting a Supra 2JZ-GE into my RN40 Hilux, it is coming out of a RN41 which has been running for a number of years. Currently swapping over the electricals and had a few questions. Engine seems to be a factory manual running a 89661‑14610 ECU.
From what I can tell so far there is no speed sensor connected, is it worth fitting one? Running a 5 speed column change gearbox with the standard Toyota speedo fitment so could convert it to electronic sender. Is it likely to cause any problems if I don't run one?
Currently the ECU is not controlling the fuel pump, looks to be hard wired which is definitely not my preference. I understand these run a separate fuel pump controller, I presume fitting one would be the best approach? Seems the ECU outputs a variable voltage to change pump speed rather than being an on/off arrangement.
Also have issues with knock sensor wiring which will be fixed up as well.