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Thread: Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

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    Default Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

    Hi friends,

    I've working more than 10 hours in computer programming so my brain is going to explode... I want to talk about an strange (and possibly stupid) idea.

    Is it possible to convert a turbo engine, to naturally aspired?

    For example, I have a 3SGTE from Toyota. It is a 2.0L engine with boost. I'm not talking about swap it to 3SGE (2.0L NA).

    I'm talking to remove the turbo, remove the manifold exhaust; install a new simple manifold without turbo, and plug a hose with air filter directly to intake manifold throttle body.

    Is it theorically possible?

    Thanks friends ! Have a nice day

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    Default Re: Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

    Theoretically possible yes. Physically possible? Also yes. Practical? Not really, as it'll either not run properly (or at all) and be an absolute dog to drive (forced-induction engines run lower compression ratios so you'll be down on power compared to the relevant NA engine).
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    Default Re: Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

    Hey man, I've got a 3sgte that's not making boost and may aswell not have a turbo at the min...
    Drives ok it's just PAINFULLY SLOW.

    Cool as long as you don't mind being dusted at the lights by milk floats and mobility scooters : ) at the minute my push bikes faster than my GT4!

    Yeah should work in theory but would run rich, need remapping.

    You could poss skim the head a fraction and advance both cams for more low end power. NOS/compressed air to compensate? But why...

    Twin charged 5sgte would be soooooooo much more fun : )

    Just my 5p

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    Default Re: Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

    Yes, it will work and run fine. But as mentioned will not make much power given the lower compression. It may keep you going until you can afford to fix a broken turbo, but I don't really see any point other than that.
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    Default Re: Let's talk - Turbo engine to NA

    Youd spend as much a turbo doing that.

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