We have attended possibly the last Meet and Eat at Sydney Dragway. While the cold weather have turned down the attendance a bit, we did spot some very clean and cool cars rolling about. Without much ado, heres Cars of Bendix July 2018!

Daydays Lexus LS430

There should be an award for the first dude to have three Cars of Bendix feature. We dont at the moment, but we really should. Daydays next car building adventure swings wildly from loud, fast, bagged BMWs to loud, slow, bagged Lexys. For his latest project, he picked the big boy LS430 and pimped it all out, Yakuza style. This VIP styling isnt new, but we definitely havent seen it get executed this well for a long time now. The big black sedan hunches menacingly over 19in Leon Hardiritts wheels, thanks to air suspension. Supreme labelled calipers on the front because Dayday keeps up with fashion. Premium Junction Produce parts are found all over the car; the neck pillows, table trays, maple wood panelling on the door pillars. The big V8 upfront has had a new exhaust system fitted, to get rid of the 8 silencers Lexus deemed fit to choke it with. As a result, it sounds bloody good just rolling about. Dayday has more plans for it, and unveil the final build at Hot Import Nights this year. We cant wait!

Nicks Toyota 86

A next level Toyota 86 appeared at the Meet and Eat. Decked out in Varis Arising II kit and INGS fenders, the aggressive kit caught the eyes of everyone it rolled past. We got Nick to tell us more about the car, and we were impressed. Pop the bonnet and positioned front and centre was a HKS V3 supercharger kit. Fueled by 1000cc ID injectors, Walbro high flow fuel pumps, and breathing through an SME 4-1 headers, Blitz front pipe ad Fujitsubo Authorize R exhausts, the FA20 now makes 250kW on E85 fuel. A HKS Light Action clutch ensures all that extra power makes it to the rear wheels, driving through carbon fibre shafts rated to 600hp. The 86s brilliant handling is enhanced further with Tein coilovers, Cusco sway bars, and wide meaty Ray 57 Xtremes shod in AD08Rs.

Omars Audi S3

Omar and his pride and joy has been attending heaps of meets, making new friends and showing off his latest mods. We stumbled across his S3; from a distance it looked like every other understated uberhatch, but get in close and youll see Omars handiwork. The 2010 S3 has been given a stage 1 tune, pushing power up to 280hp. The Audis voice is heard via the twin pipes of an Akropvoic exhaust. Massive 2018 Mercedes C63 AMG wheels fill the arches, and we assumed this was won off some poor dude who lost a traffic light race. All around the car, lashings of carbon fibre break the black paint, providing a racecar texture. The rear diffuser added just enough aggression to let you know who is really ahead.

Noahs Subaru Forester

Standing out in the crowd is Noahs Subaru Forester, wrapped in Japanese animation (also known as anime), lowered on Tein coilovers, and massive mesh wheels. Noah calls his car the Fozurai, showing off his love for anime while incorporating his interest in cars. Inspired by similarly modified itasha cars in Japan while browsing Youtube, Noah set out to transformed his Forester. A nod to other aspects of JDM car culture is the OEM+ Forester STi front bumper, canards, the Futo knot, usually found on VIP luxury cars. USDM influences are also abound, with roof racks, a roof basket and slap stickers around the car. To him, its the ultimate in self-expression and a great combination of two subjects he loves.

Hernandos Holden Kingswood

Hernando breaks all stereotypes of being a Holden owner, much less a lovingly retro-modified HJ Kingswood owner. First off, the venerable man had a Nissan GTR 32 featured before. After going all out with custom midnight purple paint and a few choice performance pieces, he turned his attention to procuring a true Aussie cruiser bruiser. The 1974 Kingswood isnt a true HZ GTS, but it has all the trimmings of one. Painted in stunning Atlantis blue, the show condition exterior hides a brawny Chevrolet 383 stroked V8 under the reverse cowl bonnet and Monaro front end. The bay has been shaved and tucked; so clean you could eat off it. Theres a built Turbo 700 to take the power and send it to the tough 9in Ford diff at the rear. The inside has been updated to original GTS specs, in absolutely mint condition, so Hernando can cruise in comfort and snap necks wherever he goes.

Jonnys Toyota Landcruiser

Its a show car legend; an impossibly slammed 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser. If youve seen a stock one, youll notice just how little room lay between the rails and the tarmac in this one. The custom work thats been done so the Cruiser could tuck those dished 22in rims in is nothing short of an engineering marvel. Then there is the incredible paint job with custom airbrushing down the side. The deep velvet read is still spotless after all these years, and while the motifs have not aged as gracefully, it still adds a charm to the overall presentation.

Chris Ford Focus ST

The yella Ford Focus ST here is no stranger to car meets; the bagged Highness has had huge media coverage since its first aired down. This is the first time we have seen it though, and its presence is stunning. The fitment of those 18x9.5in wheels are millimetre perfection; just the slightest miscalculation would have ruined those muscular flared guards. Under the bonnet, the turbocharged 2l EcoBoost has been given a bit more breathing room thanks to a Cobb turbo back exhaust, intake and tune. The final exterior touch is a Maxton lip kit, which amplifies the low look.

Williams Nissan Silvia S13

Neat Nissan Silvias are hard to find. While highly desirable cars, its rare to see one thats extremely clean and maintained as lovingly as Williams S13. The Nissan was built in his backyard starting a little over 10 years ago, a leisurely tinkering that William did in his spare time. However, he had to get it semi ready for his wedding last year, and its been his steady cruiser ever since. That period correct Vertex kit has been coloured an electric shade of Camry blue, with the guards gently massaged to fit GTR sized 18x9.5in Enkei RFP1s all round. Taking care of handling is a set of JIC coilovers. The long running SR20DET is fettled with more aggressive BC camshafts, a Garrett GTX2871 turbocharger, and 740cc injectors, all of which is handled by an EMS Stinger residing in the ECU tray. When asked what are his future plans, he only replied two letters and a number; one, jay, zee.

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