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Thread: Seat Belt Parts (TA22)

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    Default Seat Belt Parts (TA22)

    I'm working towards getting all 4 belts re-webbed for roadworthy inspection reasons. At the same time I'd like to replace the damaged components.

    I'm particularly after one sound, non rusting chrome latch, 2 of the hard plastic covers at the top of the belt (that are not split/incomplete) and 3 of the rivet attached plastic piece at the bottom end of the belt (that are not split/incomplete).
    Will consider buying used complete belts for the parts needed.

    Happy to hear of other suggestions/sources for aftermarket components/belts.
    My initial 'research' is that it could be less expensive to re-web what I have vs a complete new after market set.

    Thanks for looking.


    Thread can be closed.
    As a result of further 'researching' I found a business that sells reproductions of the bits I needed (other than the chrome latch)
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