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Thread: 2AR-FE in 1992 Toyota Trueno

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    Question 2AR-FE in 1992 Toyota Trueno

    Afternoon all!

    This is a swap that has been on my mind for a while now.

    I have a 1992 Toyota Trueno with a 4agze currently and i want to keep that one and build up a turbo 2AR-FE in an identical chassis as a fun track car.

    However, Everywhere that I have looked i cannot for the life of me find the exterior dimensions of the 2AR-FE motor.

    If anyone knows how to find it (apart from googling, calling Toyota, speaking with my local service center) as there places have not been able to help me so far I would me very appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: 2AR-FE in 1992 Toyota Trueno

    Hi Michael, it has similar architecture to a 2azfe, as its deasigned to fit in the same hole. Im curious to know if its got rwd potential, as I have rwd converted a 2azfe, and would like to see a 2arfe done also, to get dual vvti and 100cc capacity extra might be nice. I think due to the laws its produced under, just like a 2az it will go a lot better with some performance tuning of the ecu. 2AZ picks up about 20 percent hp with a good inlet and exhaust combo.


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