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Thread: RA40 18RG & W50 (N/E suburbs Melbourne) for sale

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    Default RA40 18RG & W50 (N/E suburbs Melbourne) for sale

    1981 RA40 for sale with 18RG & W50 gearbox.

    Engine was purchased in 2013 after being rebuilt by previous owner. This car was my daily driver with an 18RC for 3 years before I purchased a new car. The Celica then became a project/hobby car and so I swapped in the 18RG it currently has. I did <300km in the car post engine swap before storing it due to my work taking me interstate for several years. Now need to make room and selling the car.


    - 174361 original kilometers

    - Paint faded in spots

    - Panel beating required front LHS & RHS and rear RHS

    - Most other panels straight and it fairly good condition

    - Brand new rear muffler

    - Interior is average condition, drivers seat has a little damage, headlining in good condition. Plastic lining on lifback is broken

    - Donut LPG tank in spare wheel well

    - Impco 200 mixer and condenser

    - towbar

    - JBL 4x6" 2 way rear speakers

    - JBL 6x9" 3 way front speakers

    - rear subwoofer with inbuilt amp (unsure of brand or specs)

    - custom made single din headunit mount with motorised LCD screen/DVD/GPS

    - remote central locking kit installed worth $280

    - Flamethrower II coil

    - various other bits and pieces


    - <300km post rebuild (on advice from previous owner of motor)

    - has been cammed

    - all EFI gear except for ECU and wiring harness

    - car currently running on LPG (lumpy idle due to the cam and Impco 200 mixer being too big for the engine at low demand. However, drives perfectly well above idle.)

    - 11111-88250 head

    - 11411-34051 block

    - W50 transmission in good working order

    Asking for $4500 as is. Not interested in pulling her down due to time constraints. Has been driven recently on a UVP and it drove really well (confident it could be driven a reasonably long distance if required). Has been unregistered since the end of August 2014 but wouldn't require a whole lot for a roadworthy. I have removed the front and rear bumpers (decided I hated the look of them) but will include them with the sale along with the original 18RC motor (working order) that was removed from the car. Note the front grill has been removed during the engine swap but will also be included. Will require a new rear tailight and two front headlight lens'. I'll also throw in a set of chrome bumpers from a 1979 RA40 I was going to retrofit to this car but never got around to it (paid $250 for those at the time). I have receipts for a few bits and pieces from the above lists.

    Car is located in N/E suburbs of Melbourne. PM me if interested. I work odd hours so may take a while to respond. Cheers
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    Default Re: RA40 18RG & W50 (N/E suburbs Melbourne) for sale

    this post needs pics!!
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    Default Re: RA40 18RG & W50 (N/E suburbs Melbourne) for sale

    Pics available here - PM for anything specific

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