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I moved away for a while, RAV was sitting unreg on a farm.
Got it back, cleaned it up, going for rego this week.
Took out the Panther ECU, put in stock ECU and AEM F/IC6. Tried mafless tune, AEM is laggy!! Put in 2.2k resistors across reluctor sensors, didnt help. Ended up with AFM after intercooler, before throttle body!!
Made a rough MAF correction map, as it was maxing out at 4500RPM. Added an injector correction map. Not perfect but drives ok. Stock ECU does sometimes drop the power right down on boost. Deal with that later
U151F controller still works well. Intercooler is more of a heater, looking at changing it.
Running BC rods and stock pistons, I ran 16psi the other day (on sand), was fun!! and it survived
Really glad to see your back and the projecti s moving fwd. Mind if I send you a PM? Had some questions about my own project.

What is your max MAF g/s? Have you considered moving the MAF sensor pre-turbo but doing a breakout IAT sensor in a 2nd MAF where you have it now? This way you shouldn't max out the MAF readings and you'll get correct IATs?