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Thread: 1975 RN25 hilux brake upgrade

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    Default 1975 RN25 hilux brake upgrade

    G'day brains. First time posting in a new account, lost details for my old one from 2010..

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a brake upgrade recipe for a 1975 RN25 hilux 2wd. I've recently purchased one that had a 308 setup in it for years. I'm going an injected 304 and th400 but somehow I don't think engineers will like it with the standard brakes. I'm hoping someone has done a conversion of the sort before and is able to help me out. I heard maybe r32 rotors and calipers, maybe BA falcon brakes but nothing concrete.

    Any help will be rewarded with skid vids once the project is complete.


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    Default Re: 1975 RN25 hilux brake upgrade

    How did you go with this mate? I've just picked up an RN25 myself and research I have done shows 40 series brakes are a direct bolt up (just need to swap spindles L-R) and a rumour that 80 series might also work. Would love to update to something newer and don't mind a little bit of work but not interested in big $ and a lot of custom fabrication.

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