1UZFE 1991 M90 Eaton W57 transmission. In 1991 Ford Courier. Stock toyota ignition ECU. New plugs, Rotors, Caps, plug wires, TPS, IACV. Fuel pump not controlled by ECU.

In the last six months it has several occasions where after driving enough to get it hot and then shutting off for 15 minutes or so that it will crank but not start for awhile. Sitting longer no problem starting.

Recently did a valve shim adjustment to get rid of that pesky tick tick tick. So had the wires apart for crankshaft sensor/camshaft sensor/ on left side of engine. Ran fine before except for the hot start random issue. After putting back together I get a situation when I give it throttle that the engine wants to die. Back off throttle and comes back to life. Almost like the ignition key is turned off for a second.
Only when hot. Not an issue when cold?

Pulled the crankshaft sensor (have a new one on the way). Original 1991 sensor. There was a line of dirt on the sensor and looking at the end of the sensor there are minute cracks in a small circle.

Original engine temperature sensor? Original coils and ignitors. Have new camshaft sensors on the way.

Haven't touched the MAF.

This stumbling/dieing on acceleration only happened after I had everything recently apart. I always disconnect the battery when I work on any engine components. Have rechecked the wires. Feel like I am missing something right in front of me.