1982 Toyota Celica XT 2 Litre Manuel
Sydney NSW

100% Original Including Engine. Exterior and Interior in Excellent Condition.

Car was brought 6 months ago as untouched original.

Being untouched Original I upgraded and replaced many parts in the engine.

That is spark plugs, leads, oil & fuel filter. Had oil and rocket gaskets replaced and all other liquids.

To help with the performance as it was stock from 35years ago. I had the exhaust sytem changed and new performance carburetor, plus tune.

All work was done by a mechanic.

All the leaks with an older car has been fixed and everything else has been updated.

Still Original Engine and drives very very good, just cruises on the highway.

And because of the car being tuned it now starts like a modern car. Starts first time, any time, any where.

I tried to keep most things Original, including the wheels, they have all been replaced with new tyres including the spare.

There was minar rust but no more, that has been fixed.

Really nothing else to do with this unique, One of a Kind car.

This car owes me much more, I was planing on keeping it, therefore all the work that has been done but its not practical to take my family in.

Have to let it go.

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