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Thread: Cars of Bendix - January 2017 EOMM

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    Default Cars of Bendix - January 2017 EOMM

    Cars are a big part of Australia’s culture, so what better way to celebrate 2017’s Australia Day than coming out to the first End of Month Meet for 2017? A massive crowd of car enthusiasts showed up, undeterred by double demerits, and stayed on their ‘best behaviour’. Read on for this month’s Cars of Bendix!

    Rob brought his rally inspired Mitsubishi to the first EOMM of the year. Tastefully modified, the classy black Evo has been tweaked just right, according to Rob. Focusing on suspension, Rob increased the Evo’s handling ability with aftermarket coilovers and body braces. Bigger and wider TE37SLs not only look fantastic, it also ensures that the power from the E85-tuned turbocharged 4G63 is fully utilized.

    John has gone pretty all out with his Volkswagen Golf R. Already packing a serious punch from the factory, the Golf R now sports an APR Stage 2+ kit, promising at least 100hp more than stock! With such a big jump in power, John added a Brembo big brake kit, with two piece lightweight rotors.

    George’s 1977 Mazda 323 is a sleeper no matter how you look at it, and it is a massive ‘snorer’ as well. A rebuilt 13B rotary engine lies under the stock bonnet, armed with bigger injectors and a massive GT42 turbocharger. Packing 400hp worth of heat at 14lbs of boost, this little Mazda would spring a surprise on anyone that lines it up.

    A European car, built by an American company and modified Japanese style; if that isn’t globalisation, what is? Brandon’s Ford Focus XR5 goes JDM with racecar inspired cosmetic enhancements, starting with aftermarket carbon fibre lip kits and a stance inspired by Super GT500 race cars. The carbon fibre hood mimics the Focus RS, but instead of being subtle like a European, it’s bared to show off its functionality. The bumper has been cutaway to allow more fresh air in, as well as showing off the aftermarket intercooler.

    For more information about End of Month Meet and how to attend visit the Bendix Facebook page.

    To learn more about the Bendix Brakes’ range of products visit:
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