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Thread: Toymods/MWSCC Wakefield Park Trackday - November 11

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    Default Toymods/MWSCC Wakefield Park Trackday - November 11

    These are the same longstanding trackdays which Garth has always facilitated between Toymods and the Manly-Warringah Sporting Car Club. There are no sessions and there is a cap on total cars, which means HEAPS of track time (especially in the afternoon).

    When: Friday November 11th

    Cost: $250 per driver

    How To Book: Run as per the previous days but now in the control of professional driver John Boston and his business TRACKSCHOOL. Bookings are online at

    Go to the Track Days Tab and go to Wakefield and entry page comes up. Now , Add date as April 29 and the rest of the details required. At the Bottom of the page in the “questions comment field” Say , Manly Warringah Car Club drive day.

    **When you enter online, make sure that you enter the date 11 November, 2016 and don't enter one of the available dates shown on the right of the form. Nov 11 isn't shown as an available date as it is special for Many Warringah Sporting Car Club.**

    Direct Deposit to ACC Name: Trackschool
    BSB : 062 654
    ACC No : 10192424
    Bank : Commonwealth
    Please use Date and Name as reference: ie Nov 11 John Smith

    This is as simple as we can get! All payments are to be paid in advance!

    Limited to 40 vehicles and this needs to be successful for it to continue!

    Tell your friends and lets have a great day.

    On Behalf of the Committee of MWSCC and Toymods

    Facebook event:
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    Default Re: Toymods/MWSCC Wakefield Park Trackday - November 11

    Finally got to another one of these and it was a great day for racing

    Link to piccys -



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