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Thread: ecu pin out for 2jzge

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    Default ecu pin out for 2jzge

    hey all I'm chasing a ecu pin out for a 2jzge engine that I have I believe its out of a jzz31 soarer. I will post a pic of the ecu part number sticker. if someone has a stand alone wiring diagram for it that would be greatly appreciated as ive done a fair bit of searching and failed to find one for my ecu. hope someone can help me out It would mean a lot to me. I hope to be posting my build thread on here very soon.

    thanks everyone

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    Default Re: ecu pin out for 2jzge confirms that the part number is for JZZ31, 2JZ-GE <link>.

    I have the engine ECU pinouts for the JZZ30, 1JZ-GTE on my wiki and I would expect the pinouts of C85 and C86 plugs to be the same as the JZZ31, 2JZ-GE you have!

    C85 and C86 (as shown on my wiki) are the plugs that go from the engine ECU to the vehicle body loom, if that makes sense...they do this via some intermediate junction plugs, which you should be able to trace back from the engine ECU pinout using a multimeter...

    My wiki gives a bit of information in regards to which pins are particularity important and how to wire these pins (e.g. M-REL, +B, +B1, BATT, IGSW).

    You could also contact Jeff Harper to acquire the "Soarer Bible", and it has translated wiring diagrams that cover JZZ31 (and all of xZ30x)

    Wilbo's Wiki (Includes 2JZ-GTE Wiring, etc! )

    Wilbo's JZA80
    Wilbo's JZZ12

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    Default Re: ecu pin out for 2jzge

    Any chance the details of ecu pins are on the inside of the ECU. On the board itself. i know some have the abbreviations stamped on the inside.

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