Hi, I'm selling my 1995 Celica ST204

I am the third owner.
Pretty much a stock car to my knowledge, except the rims are from the 7th gen Celica.
This car is great for new learners to manual to drive, as the stock clutch is not too heavy like some other sporty cars, but heavy enough to get a feel for the car.
Also a good daily driver as it doesn't drink as much petrol, and a bit practical if you don't have kids since it has a big boot space.
It has been recently resprayed to same colour by the previous owner, where you can see that the paint is still in great condition although with some chips/swirl marks in some areas but quite unnoticeable.
DOES NOT come with roofrack, my friend has let me put it on my car for fun.
I'm selling it because I have somewhat outgrown it but I'm not in a rush to sell it.

- Always been pumped with Premium 98
- Last oil, oil filter, and spark plug change at 205xxx KMs.
- 5 Speed Manual
- Powersteering
- Air conditioning works great
- Drives smoothly
- Center console like a Supra
- Electric Sunroof
- Always starts up first time everytime
- Washed regularly

Price: 4K ono