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Thread: 4AGE Stroker kits

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    Default Re: 4AGE Stroker kits

    I attempted a pre-install basic confidence test @ Techedge manual but get an "Error reading EEPROM logging status" message in TEWBlog.

    Not getting any AFR reading on TEWBlog; all screens are just blank with 3 dashes as per photo.

    The Controller LED did behave according to specs. though; flashing then stabilising to constant-ON

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    I installed the WButil S/Ware to see if that would make a difference but in all honesty I'm not even sure of it's function or how its meant to interact with TEWBlog. I tried the Free Air Calibration on WButil but the program didn't seem to do anything.

    PPS: I might bypass the Confidence Test and just install this thing. . . .

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    Default Re: 4AGE Stroker kits

    OK. . . .

    Completed Confidence Test (AFR = 9 with Butane Gas) last weekend & completed hard-wiring a couple of days ago but needed a M=M DB9 connector to join cables so couldn't run engine with WBO2 connected until this evening. . .

    Anyway. . .

    Connected Serial Cable to ECU; turned ignition on & changed WARI "Special Functions > Secondary Serial In-Port setting to "TechEdge WBO2 2J1 as directed then saved / overwrote ECU file < attached > . . . .

    I then started the engine. WBO2 LED pulsed on warm up then stayed on steady state so I figured it was working OK. . .

    Problem was - the car still smelled like it was over-fuelling. . .

    I went back to Wari program and under "Analogue Calibrations" tab I noticed that Oxygen Sensor Type was still set to "OEM, Narrow Band"

    Am I meant to change this? If so which available alternatives are suitable?

    PS: I know it might help if I created an ECU and/or Log file and posted it OR if I sent a PDF of ECU variable settings OR Live Gauges screen-shots but PDF sizes are too large for this Site and I can't post ECU or CSV files. . .

    PPS: It's been a couple of years since I've done this; can anyone confirm following shortcuts? CTRL-L = Data-logging & CTRL-N = Live Gauges

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    Of course it's still going to be overfueling. Connecting an O2 sensor won't magically inmediately sort your afrs. You need to now tune the fuel cells using the wideband as a reference. The analogue calibrations thing is not relevant to the wideband

    I think we have reached the stage where I need to come around and give you a hand now that you have a wideband installed. It will be much easier if I can just talk you through how it all works when we are both sitting in front of a laptop with wari running
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    Default Re: 4AGE Stroker kits

    SPOOL crank is the same as the BC crank which are a copy of the HKS 5ag crank. they both give the same 1700cc capacity if you just use the crank, however BC also suggests you go for an 83mm piston which gives you ~1780ccs or 1.8ltr. im not a fan of the 83mm piston route as it does weaken the block and can crack at the water galleries destroying a very nice engine.
    Just a slight correction here... the Spool kit uses an 81mm stroke crank. Both the BC and MRP cranks are 83mm stroke. I believe that MRP has either a slightly longer rod and/or a custom pin height. Cost wise, they're about on par at the moment due to our crap dollar.
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