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Thread: rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help

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    Default rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help


    Im in the middle of cleaning up a ae86 with a 3sgte which was originally set up with a T50 running off a 3sge flywheel(with ceramic button clutch)
    I know right?
    now im wacking a w58 behind it which is its own pile of stinky goodness but i've recently run into a problem which is doing my head in.
    I can set it up with a H/D 3sge pressure plate and flywheel(wi modded 2s bellhousing) but i would much prefer access to the torque handling of a 3sgte clutch/flywheel.
    HOWEVER, when set up with 3sgte flywheels (which has a larger OD than 3sge) it fubars my starter motor spacing to a totally unbodgable degree.
    is there a standard toyota bellhousing that will handle the larger flywheel(other than the smaller 4y hiace or 2s corona pieces)
    Otherwise, what are people thoughts on a H/D 3sge clutch dealing with a 400hp 3s?

    thanks for any comment or ideas!
    GA23(never finished-now with cracked block ) JZX83 (Tyre eater) 3sgte AE86. by now i should know better.

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    Default Re: rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help

    Hey mate

    Im currently building rwd 2nd gen 3sgte setup shooting for about the same power as you. Ive used a w55 (for now) 2s bellhousing and factory 3sgte flywheel.
    I flipped the starter ring, used a double row roller bearing for the idler and a 5 puk brass clutch unit.
    I found myself a starter motor out of a 1C or 2C diesel motor, there are plenty around and use same starter for fwd and rwd.
    This fits straight up but now I have to modify my turbo manifold AGAIN -sigh-

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    Default Re: rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help

    Hi mouse.

    Are you still in the process of doing this or are you finished? Just starting mine into a rt72 corona and gathering all the info I can for now.

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    Default Re: rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help

    Hello. I have a strategy that may help. When I did the 2azfe conversion it had no way to put a starter in from the engine side, as the Camry starter lays in the available space on the gearbox side, and it spins backwards etc. So the 2azfe also has a unique flywheel pattern, and the only 2 W5X housings that suited were S and Y. S meant you would cut the block in an inconvenient spot and remove the engine number on the hot side. The Y meant it was on the right hand side under the inlet, and that the only extra thing to cut was some way out alloy areas beyond what you would consider the core strength of the engine.

    With that decision made I had the same issue you did, where the bigger clutch and flywheel from in my case the 2az fitted inside the bell housing, but it didn't have the correct size ring gear to mesh with a starter. I initially tried a modified starter idea, but wisely ditched that and went for the Y engine starter motor and got the flywheel from the same car. I just had to turn down the 2azfe flywheel and put the Y series flywheels ring gear on to it, and then space the starter on a few washers to make it work like factory. Have had no issues with it. Also had the added benefit of lightening the flywheel and taking weight off the extreme outside, and you get to keep the bigger clutch and flywheel.

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    Default Re: rwd 3sgte with w58 clutch/bellhousing/flywheel help

    any updates on these projects?


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