Hey Guys and Gals.. (must be formal :-))

Im a new member of Toymods, though my Dad and Brother; who have raced for years (dad before i was born) im sure made use of the site too not only pass on information but also collect..

My family have raced the ke15 and ke20 corolla, with the 5k and 2LT 2TG engines..

I purchased some 20 years ago -- now 41 myself; a turbo for the 2T.. (not going to use what i had but a brief lesson in what a turbo was capable of)

Having 6 plus (engines -- or boat anchors as the old man gave reference to them) at the disposal my brother and i crammed washers and the like into the waste gate (spring) to get us up to about 15 psi...

Yes... There was pre denotation but on a whole... for an engine what was just lying about and took a day to replace (got skilled at doing that)... The engines lasted about 3 to 6 months... and gave a SHIT load of power...!!

Of course, we revved lined in every gear BUT to know that the old mans 2LT was pushing out well over over 200HP (at the wheels) and we were quicker; at 20 years of age it was a blast...!!!

ANYWAY.... after all that story..... im wishing to build a racing car... and so looking for advice..

Has anyone built a car that has over 400HP in the 3TG form..?

Ive done quite a bit of research online -- with respect lobe separation angles of camshafts etc and of course, know what parts need reenforcing such as the main billet caps..
The old mans an engineer but wish to gather advice before i come back to him with my research.. plus hes never built a proper turbo motor and so need to give him the pros and cons with whats out there (if that makes sense)