The Ecopia EP100 is Bridgestone’s answer to innovative and eco-friendly on-road tyres. Engineered with a 30%reduction in rolling resistance to improve efficiency while still delivering full performance and safety, the EP100 has been designed for drivers who are environmentally-conscious, cost-conscious, or both. A lower rolling resistance means the tyre minimises wasted energy through heat, reducing fuel consumption for your vehicle and leading to less CO2 emissions, but it also means better wear resistance.

Being independently tested to ADR81/02 fuel consumption regulations, the Ecopia EP100 has been proven to improve fuel efficiency by up to 5.7% and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 5.8%. Now you can go farther and for longer all while consuming less energy and contributing to environmental preservation on a global scale.

The Ecopia EP100 uses Bridgestone’s latest cutting edge tyre technology to deliver a tyre that’s right for your wallet and the environment. The advanced features of the EP100 include:

• Improved RRC (Rolling Resistance Coefficient) enabling EP100 tyres to roll 427% further* than standard tyres;
• Specially-formulated unique Ecopia compound, which optimises the arrangement of polymer and carbon molecules to minimise internal friction and excess energy waste;
• Rib-linked tread blocks and high-angle lugs, providing uniform tyre contact pressure with the ground and delivering greater cornering and braking performance in wet and dry conditions;
• Innovative Silent AC Block technology to reduce road noise and enhance comfort when driving.

The Ecopia EP100 is available from your local Bridgestone Store in sizes ranging from 14” to 17”.

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*Rolling resistance test conducted in 2010 by Bridgestone New Zealand using 2 identical VW Golfs fitted with tyre size 195/65R15. Both vehicles were rolled down a ramp from a height of 1.1m (back wheel height). The vehicles fitted with Ecopia tyres travelled an average of 85m and the vehicle fitted with conventional tyres travelled an average of 60m. This was a difference of 42%.