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Thread: 2jzge to x73

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    Default 2jzge to x73

    hi all im wiring in 2jzge in my mx73 Cressida, ive done all the body plugs just stuck on the fuse box wiring cant find any pinouts for the mx73 fusebox so I can mate the jza80 2j loom ive got a few wires off the 2j loom that looks like they went into the fuse box for efi fuse or alt, just cant find anything for mx73 been searching for hours with no results and also the alt wires are a lot thicker than the 2jz alt wires what should I do there?

    thanks bevin
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    Default Re: 2jzge to x73

    There is a 3 pin connector near the fuse box on the 73 that is what u are looking for.

    Black / Yellow from memory is the power to coil / injectors etc

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