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Thread: VIC: Club Rego - Cost ect.

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    Default VIC: Club Rego - Cost ect.

    I've been a TCC member for around a year now, only been able to go to the Classic Japan in 2013 as I've been studying in Tasmania. I know it says you must show up to a few events before they'll think about club regoing your car, but its just been difficult due to being out of state for ages. Am I likely to get it if I request it?

    how much is a 90 day club rego cost these days for a 87 MR2?


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    Default Re: VIC: Club Rego - Cost ect.

    hi robert
    its around $96 for 90 day
    nostalgia is not what it used to be:

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    Default Re: VIC: Club Rego - Cost ect.

    I am no longer the club rego rep for TCCAV but can answer some of your questions - I might add that this forum is related to the Toymods Club's NSW historic rego, so the mods might want to move the thread.

    Vicroads is expected to change how club rego is administered any tick of the clock now, so things are quite fluid, and as a result the answer today might be different to the one you get next month.

    Turning up to at least one meet per year is non-negotiable, that is what the club expects.

    We have also now determined that when you come back to get signed off for another year, you have to do so in the presence of your car so that it can be very quickly checked to ensure that it remains as approved.

    Whether that suits you in Tasmania I don't know?

    From the end of August or September we will no longer have the ability to inspect cars using a club nominated individual, all cars applying for club rego will need a current road worthy certificate. So if you are planning on applying you would need to do it asap if you aren't going to be in a position to get a RWC.

    A 90 day permit is actually more like $130. Plus club membership of $50 a year. Very cheap, and insurance is usually cheap as chips also. Almost none of our members use more than 45 days in any year, so we usually recommend getting a 45 day permit. Lots of people think they will use more, and end up paying extra for days they never use. If you do end up using 45 days, you can easily get another 45 days for the remainder of the year.

    Lots of information here - and our most common communication method these days is - though we wont answer individual club rego questions through either of those mediums, you need to contact the Club Rego person directly. His details are on the application form or on the back of the newsletter you get each month
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